Thursday, March 3, 2016

This was the last meeting for Track 1 students :( We hope you had fun and learned something new and interesting.  I will be emailing parents a questionnaire about the club for STUDENTS to complete.   Let us know what you thought, what you liked, and what you didn't.  Help us make the Coding Club better for next year! 

Track 1 you are welcome to keep doing homework each week.  Remember each turned in assignment earns you a badge, and the students with the most badges on March 23 will get something special!  You are also welcome to join us while you are tracked out, we don't have enough Chromebooks but there are plenty of IPads for you to use.  

BTV was recorded earlier this week so we were not able to announce who will being talking toys home.  Friday morning teachers will be sent emails and toys will be dropped off in the classrooms of those students who were chosen.  Please remember to return them to Mrs. Hawley Monday morning. 

Homework is posted.  Please challenge yourself with this one, don't take the easy way out and just draw a shape!  You will see what I am taking about when you log onto Edmodo. 

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