Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Want to know who your kids think is cool? 
Check out these amazing programmers they discovered....

Aubrey K.
I choose Matheus Valadares was the creater and coder of the hit game Agar.io. He is awesome (Aubsome) because Agar.io is one of my favorite games. I still play Agar.io and I get better every time! :]

Kanav P.
sergey brin because he is the cofounder of google. Serge Brin and Larry Brown started their company in a garage when they left Stanford.

Savannah H.
 Tim Berners Lee made the world wide web. I think it is awesome because it must of taken years. Think about how big the web is. It is BIG.

Maxwell C. 
My amazing computer programmer is Shigeru Miyamoto. He was born on November 16, 1952. He is a Japanese video game designer and producer at Nintendo. He made some of the best games of all time like: Donkey Kong, and created the first Mario game ever. He also made the Wii u and the Wii. He is still alive today. He still works at Nintendo.

Carter S.
I know we all love to play with Siri on our parent's phones. Dag Kittlaus helped to create the the first true automated Virtual Personal Assistant for mobile devices - we know as Siri. In Norwegian Siri means “beautiful victorious counselor”. I think it would be cool to create something that helped people on a daily basis.


Taylor M. 
Guido van Rossum is a Dutch computer programmer. He created the well known Python programming language. Python was developed while Rossum was working at Google. He also created Mondrian, a code review system internally used by Google. 

After 7 years of working at Google, he is now working at Dropbox. He is rated number 8 on the top 12 greatest programmers. His wife, Kim Knapp, an him now live in Belmont, California. 


Clay R.
Dr. Littleton Meeks is a tech expert who helped who helped develop LEXIA Learning Systems. He was asked to develop the computer program by Bob Lemire because his son was autistic and needed help learning. Now all kids can use LEXIA to help them learn. I use LEXIA at home in kindergarten.

Madison R.
Bob Kahn created the tcp/ip protocal. this is the protocal that allows computers to communicate with other computers. When computers communicate they form a network. Tcp/ip is the addressing of a computer network, much like your street address it tells the network where a computer "lives". The Internet is the largest network in the world. Without TCP/IP the Internet would not work. I think that that is really cool.

Keshav P. 
Bill Gates is an American business magnate, philanthropist, inventor/entrepreneur and computer programmer. In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Anderson co-founded Microsoft. Microsoft later became the world's largest PC software company. Bill Gates is awesome because he invented one of my favorite computer companies. On Microsoft computers, you get to do many things. You get to type amazing reports, make power points and get amazing info on Google Chrome. Try going to gatesnotes.com to find amzing info about Bill Gates

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